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Trademark Registration in Dubai

Overview of Trademark Registration Services in Dubai

Trademark registration is of vital importance in the highly competitive world of business in the UAE. Trademark is the identity of your company or brand. Therefore, you must safeguard it from counterfeiters who are looking to piggyback on your hard-earned reputation. This not only destroys your brand’s image but also takes away a significant share of your revenue. Trademark registration is most effective and necessary among the various process to protect business owners from such malpractices. Dubai Trademark registration or legally registering your brand in the UAE protects your company. It recognizes you as the owner of the goods and services with that trademark.


Applying for trademark registration in Dubai

Protecting your brand or company’s image and value is of utmost importance. However, trademark registration in Dubai and UAE can be difficult and time-consuming. There’s a whole lot of paperwork and research that you need to do before you can register your trademark in Dubai. Your best bet would be to approach experienced business setup consultants in the UAE who can offer Dubai trademark registration consultancy services.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process of filing an application for trademark registration in Dubai:


  • Trademark search

Strictly speaking, this step is not mandatory. However, it is advisable to check for prior identical or similar trademark application or registration before filing your application.

  • Trademark application filing

Once you’ve made sure that there are no conflicting prior applications, you or your business consultants can file an application for registering a trademark with the Trademark Office in the UAE. A vitally important point to be noted here is that foreign companies or individuals cannot file a trademark application without sanctioned trademark agents in UAE.

  • Application examination

Once your trademark registration application is received, the registrar will examine it thoroughly, in accordance with UAE trademark laws.

  • Issuance of acceptance or rejection order

After going through your application, the registrar will issue an acceptance or rejection order depending on whether he feels your application meets the necessary compliance requirements.

  • Publication of trademark in local newspapers

If your application has been officially accepted, the trademark will be published in two local Arabic newspapers. This is done within 30 days of getting the acceptance letter. You are required to pay official fees for publication of trademark in the official gazette too.

  • Opposition period

Once it has been published in the official gazette, an opposition period of 30 days is provided for anyone who wished to legally oppose it.

  • Final Registration Fees

Suppose no person or entity opposes your trademark within the legal 30-day time period. In that case, your application then automatically reaches the stage for payment of final registration fees. Please note that the Trademark Office does not issue any special notification for the payment of final registration fees. You’ll have a 30-day deadline to pay the final registration fees starting from the last day of the opposition period.

  • Getting the Trademark registration certificate

The UAE Trademark Office will issue your trademark registration certificate on paying the final registration fees. Your UAE Trademark registration certificate has a validity of 10 years from the date of filing the application. The UAE trademark office does not issue a hard copy certificate of trademark registration. Trademark owners are given a softcopy of the trademark registration certificate valid across all government departments in the UAE.


Why get your Dubai trademark registration done by business setup consultants?

You will need to spend a whole lot of time and energy on getting get your brand registration in Dubai done. The process of registering a trademark in Dubai can take even up to a few months to complete. However, business setup consultants in Dubai who are experienced and knowledgeable in trademark registration can take loads of hard work off your shoulders. Business setup consultants like Morrisman can help you with the necessary paperwork, do the research, and regular follow-ups required  for registration.


Why choose Morrisman for trademark registration services:

Morrisman is one of the leading business setup consultancy firms in the UAE. Our team of highly experienced trademark consultants can assist you through all the trademark registration process stages in Dubai. This includes:

● Trademark registration search report, trademark selection, and retention
● Assistance in finding relevant trademark classes based on the type of business
● Filing application for recording a registered trademark with UAE customs
● Filing application for trademark protection with the UAE Ministry of Economy
● Registering product/s with municipality bodies in Dubai/UAE
● Filing for actions against fake goods
● Amending registered trademarks
● Renewing of a registered trademark
● Recording of change of assignment or change of ownership


FAQs on Trademark Registration in Dubai

1. How do I register my product or company for a trademark in Dubai?

The easiest way to apply for trademark registration in Dubai would be to approach a trustworthy and experienced business set up consultant in UAE. Trying to do the process yourself can be time-consuming and will take your focus away from running your business. Skilled and experienced business setup will usually provide trademark consultancy and registration services.

2. Is trademark registration of my company or product logo/brand mandatory in UAE?

Registration of trademark/copyright object in the UAE is entirely voluntary. However, when it comes to using trademark or copyright objects on the market as a designation of goods/service selling to customers, registration of a trademark (or copyright) is a must to avoid penalties for cheating and deception of UAE consumers as stated by UAE Executive Regulation to the Consumer Protection Law.

3. What is the fee for trademark registration in Dubai?

The cost of trademark registration in Dubai or UAE is AED 8,700. You will also need to pay an additional AED 1,000 for publishing the trademark in the official gazette. Other additional costs that you may incur include fees for translations and legal assistance and the cost of publishing the trademark in two local newspapers. Trademark registration consultants in Dubai will charge you an all-inclusive amount for turnkey assistance.

4. What are the documents needed for trademark registration in Dubai?

For registration, you will need to produce 1. Trademark registration application 2. A sample of your trademark design or brand name 3. Official fee payment confirmation 4. Power of Attorney 5. Your trading license 6. Applicant’s ID or passport 7. Applicant’s contact details 8. List of goods and services to be protected

5. What can be registered as trademarks in Dubai?

Trademarks can be names, logos, words, slogans, graphics, letters, figures, hallmarks, color, software, application, website, a combination of all of these. In fact, any kind of mark or group of marks if used or intended to be used to distinguish goods, products, or services from whatsoever sources or to indicate that specific services, goods, or products belong to a particular owner can be registered as trademarks in Dubai.